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Elisa Strip- Plate Readers
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Elisa Strip- Plate Readers (AVI-523)

Avishkar Strip/Plate Readers are fully automatic Microprocessor based medical instruments with very sophisticated alogoritham to analyze blood serum for various viruses like HIV, Hepatitis etc. It is rugged versatile & low cost instrument with uset friendly, guided software. It is a FULLY OPENSYSTEM which can store upto 35 tests programs including Graphs.
It includes special software to delete abnormal standard values & replot the graphs wothout rerunnig the tests.
Linear measurement range 0.000 to 3.0 A 0. 000 to 3.0A
Photometric inaccuracy ± 1.5% from 0 to 1.5A
± 2 % from 1.5A to 3.0A
± 1.5% from 0 to 1.5A
± 2 % from 1.5A to 3.0A
Filters: Type
Wave length (nm)
Half Wave Bandwidth
No. of Filters
405, 450, 492, 630
10nm ± 2nm
405, 450, 492, 630
10nm ± 2nm
4 + 2 optional
Light source Tungsten Halogen 6V, 10W Tungsten Halogen 6V, 10W
Warmup time 45 Secs. 45 Secs.
Number of Strips/Wells Single Strip of 8/12 96 wells
Display (Back Lit) LCD 16 characters LCD, 4 Line display
Printer Built in Thermal Printer (optional) External
Voltage 90 to 270 Volts 90 to 270 Volts
Dimensions 30 X 30 X 12 cm 35 X 32 X 14 cm
Weight (Approx) 6.0 Kg 8.0 Kg
Operating Temperature 180 C to 350 C

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Software Features
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Software Features (AVI-524)

Storage of 35 tests with all parameters including graph.
Recalling of stored test parmaters.
Unique pause function to note down the results in absence of printer.
Programming Modes.
  1. Absorbance mode
  2. Single Standard mode
  3. Multi Standard mode
  4. Cut off mode
  5. Percent absorbance mode
Curve Plotting
  1. Linear, Log to Log, Log to Conc., ABS to Log, Logit to Log & Point to Point
Naming of saved tests
Interpretation of sample results
Quality checking of controls
Printing of Doctor / Lab Names in report

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Elisa Semi Automatic Washer
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Elisa Semi Automatic Washer (AVI-525)

The easy Washer for Avishkar assays has been designed to meet working & budgetary requirements of today’s laboratories. It is reliable, compact and self contained. It has waste overfill protection, quiet operation and minimal maintenance
Manifold 8 Well
Operating Voltage 220±10% Volts
Operating Temperature 180C to 350C
Size 190mm X 220mm X 70mm
Aspiration Continuous, Electromagnitic Pump with oscillating arm
Bottles Two, one litre capacity each
Aspiration is automatic and continuous to prevent the overflow Elegantly designed manifold to dispense solution to all 8 Wells simultaneously Specially designed Sensor with alarm for monitoring the waste bottle full, it senses and stops the pump hence preventing the overflow. Provision for cleaning the dust/dirt collected in the manifold.

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Microprocessor HB Meter
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Microprocessor HB Meter (AVI-525A)

Display : 16x2 Lines ALFA NUMERIC DISPLAY.
Display Modes : Concentration Mode
Zero Adjustment : Automatic (By pressing SET ZERO Key)
Accuracy: + 0.1 O.D.
Strability : + 0.1 O.D. Per Hour
Light Source : 6.8 VOLT , 0.3 AMP Tungsten Lamp
Amplifier : Micro Controller Based
Memory : In Built Memory to Retain Concentrations And Last “K“
Factor For Concentration Even After Power Loss.
Sample Volume : 1 ML. Minimum
Power Supply : 230 V + 10 %, 50 Hz.
Glass test tubes: 5 Nos.
Instruments cover : 1 Nos.
Operating manual: 1 Nos.
Light source: 1 Nos.

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General Purpose Laboratory Centrifuges
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General Purpose Laboratory Centrifuges (AVI-526)

With Centrifuge Medical & Institutional laboratories can obtain better performance than ever befor available with a centrifuge of this type. Special features include :

  1. Easy lid lock stepless speed regulator Safety Fuse, Elegant front panel.With wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors. this unit is truly versatile This centrifuge is availble in a choice of 2 models.
  2. The R-8c has additional digital speed meter and timer.
  3. Now available for special applications : The centrifuge model R-*c has now been made more verstaile and suitable for the following special application.
  4. T.B. Tests in Hospital : Mac Cartney Test Bottles used for T.B. Tests can now be directly centrifuged.
Max. Speed RPM 5250
MAX. rcf g. 3600
Max. Capacity ml ml 3200
WXDXH mm 365 X 410 X 315
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC
Models Capacity Max. Speed RPM Max.RCF “G”
AVI-525 16 X 15 ml. 4000 2750
AVI-526 12 X 15 ml. 4000 2750
AVI-527 8 X 15 ml. 4200 3000
AVI-528 6 X 50 ml. 4000 2800
(Also accepts Mac Cartney Bottle for T.B. Tests)
AVI-529 4 X 50 ml. 4000 2750
Angle Heads (with polypropylene Tube)
AVI-530 16 X 15 ml. 5000 3600
AVI-531 12 X 15 ml. 5250 3600
AVI-532 8 X 15 ml. 5250 3600
AVI-533 6 X 50 ml. 5000 3600
AVI-534 4 X 50 ml. 5250 3600
REDUCTION ADAPTORS (with glass tubes)
Adaptor Cat No. Capacity Fits Head cat No. Qty./Det
AVI-535 1 X Wintrob R-81/R-83 16
AVI-536 1 X Wintrob R-81A/R-83A 12
AVI-537 1 X Wintrob R-81B/R-83B 8
AVI-538 1 X 3 ml. R-81/R-83 16
AVI-539 1 X 3 ml. R-81A/R-83A 12
AVI-540 1 X 3 ml. R-81B/R-83B 8
AVI-541 1 X 5 ml. R-81/R-83A 16
AVI-542 1 X 5 ml. R-81A/R-83A 12
AVI-543 1 X 8 ml. R-81/R-83 16
AVI-544 1 X 8 ml. R-81A/R-83 12
AVI-545 1 X 8 ml. R-81B/R-83B 8
AVI-546 1 X 30 ml. R-82/R-84 6
AVI-547 1 X 30 ml. R-82A/R-84A 4
AVI-548 1 X 15 ml. R-82/R-84 6
AVI-549 1 X 15 ml. R-82A/R-84A 4
Note : Tube capacity mentioned is nominal and not the actual filling capacity.

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HaemotoCite Centerfigue With Capillary Tube Head & Reading Device
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HaemotoCite Centerfigue With Capillary Tube Head & Reading Device (AVI-550)

With these Micro Centrifuges now doctors and scientisits can spin down small samples with sturdy direct drive generating centrifugal force which can allow separatin of fluids in less than a minute.
These Centrifuges are ideal for growing RIA (Radio immunoassay demands) can be used for routine application in biochemical and clinical labs, for Hematocrite, Corpuscle Percentage content in blood, serum analysis and precipitate sepatration also.
Besides a )-15 minutes timer which is common to these Centrifuges, stepless speed regulator make Micro Centrifuges range of applications more broad based, allowig to do a job at preferred speed. A wide range of heads gives additional digital speed meter continuously indicating the speed in RPM.
The Cooling Microfuge is the refrigerated version of centrifuge and is ideal for temperature sensitive samples. It has hermetically spealed compressor. digitally displayed spped indicator and digital temperature indicator-cum-controller, longwith stepless speed regulator. 0-15, minutes timer, and on/off switches.
Models 12 AVI-550-A AVI-551-B
Max. Speed rpm 16000 16000
Max.rcf g 18,500 18,500
Width mm 280 380
Depth mm 330 510
Height mm 300 530
Connected load KVA. 0.35 1.0
Lowest temperature oC - 0
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC
Note : Use of Avishkar make or any good quality 1 KVA servo controlled voltage stabilizer is strongly recommeded for CM-12 centrfuge. Guarantee invalid in case of non use of voltage stabilizer.

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Clinical Centrifuges
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Clinical Centrifuges (AVI-552)

Low priced units meeting the majority of the small capacity centrifuging requirements od medical practitioners. pathological laboratories and hospitals for routine centrifuging tests. The units are fitted with resilliently mounted motor for vibration free performance having built in 5 step speed regulator and one nonremovable swing out rotor complete with tube carriers. 15ml. plain tubes of natural glass and rubber cushions.
Models - AVI-552 AVI-553 AVI-554 AVI-555
Capacity ml 4X15 4X15 6X15 8X15
No.of Tubes - 4 4 6 8
Max Speed RPM 3500 3500 3500 3500
Max.RCF ‘g’ 1750 1850 1600 1600
Width mm 295 310 310 310
Depth mm 295 310 310 310
Height mm 240 280 280 280
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC

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Doctor Centrifuges
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Doctor Centrifuges (AVI-556)

A low priced unit meeting the small capacity cetrifuging requirements of medical practitioners, pathological laboratories and hospital for routine centrifuging tests. The standared unit is fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance. a built in 5 step speed regulator and be one non removable angle rotor. Available in 4 models. complete with tube carrieds and 15ml. plain tubes of nature glass.
Models - AVI-556 AVI-557 AVI-558 AVI-559
Max. speed RPMl 3500 3500 3500 3500
Max.RCF ‘g’ 1250 1250 1250 1250
Capacity ml 4X15 6X15 8X15 24X15
WXDXH mm 210x210x210
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC/DC 

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