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Bio-chemistry Analyzer

Bio-chemistry Analyzer (AVI-510-B)

Complete Lab :
  • Built in Incubator
  • Built in Stabilizer (90 to 270 volts)
  • Performs all Biochemistry Tests
  • Results in thermal printout
  • Built in processor to calculate results
  • Direct Data transfer to computer
  • Built in Prothrombin Time test program
Efficient Power House :
  • Low Reagent volume, 500µl
  • Low power consumption
  • Memory to save standard and blank
  • High Linearitty of 3.000 Absorbance
  • PT, APTT tests at 100µl volume
  • Automatic calculation of result
  • SGOT / SGPT result in minutes
Measuring System : Photometric
Linear Measurement Range: 0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance unit (A)
Type of filter : Interference Filiter
Test Tube volume : 500µl
Temperature of cuvette block : 37°C, Peltier controlled
Display : four line LCD, back lit, 16 characters
Concentration calculation : By factor or by standard
Incubator : Built-in 37°C, 15 test tubes

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