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Digital Photo Colarimeter [ABS.-Trans]

Digital Photo Colarimeter [ABS.-Trans] (AVI-516)

Autozero - With Micro Controller
This colorimeter is an advance version of any existing model available in the market. It gives very accurate & stable reading of transmission/optical density (O.D.) & can be useful for small/medium clinics & path-labs. The unique feature of this colorimeter is “AUTOZERO FACILITY” to avoid the cumbersome adjustment done by potentio meter.
Wavelength Range 400-700 nm[ 8 Glass Filters]*
Peak wave lengths 400, 490, 520, 540, 590, 620, 650, 700 nm
Minimum Volume 1.0 m.l.
Light Source 6V, 10W, Tungsten Filament lamp
Test Tubes 10 nm Æ (Inner)
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Display 2 1/2 digits seven segment display
Key Pad 2 X 1 (2 Feather Touch Switch)
• Trans. / O.D.
• Auto Zero
Power Supply Mains : 220 ± 10%, 50 Hz, 1 Æ
Battery 12 V DC
Working Temperature 10o C-45o C
Dimensions 300 L X 275 W X 160 H mm
Weight 5 kg.
Note : (* 5, 7, 9, Filter Models are also available)

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