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Dynamic Demonstrators & Trainers (AVI-2148)

We manufacture Dynamic Demonstrators and Dynamic Trainers in order to meet the clients requirements. All these trainers are also designed only under the guidance of experts. These trainers can easily meet the clients needs and are also high in quality. They provide the students practical training regarding the various aspects.
Demonstrators & Trainers
  • AVI1200: Black & White Television Demonstrator (with 14" CRT)
  • AVI1201: Color Television Demonstrator (with 20"CRT)
  • AVI1201A: Color Television Demonstrator (with 14"CRT)
  • AVI 1202: Video Compact Disc Player Demonstrator
  • AVI 1203:DVD Pager Demonstration
  • AVI 1205 Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer
  • AVI 1206: Analog Multimeter Trainer
  • AVI1207: Digital Multimeter Trainer
  • AVI1208: Analog Fiber Optic Voice Transmission
  • AVI1209: Demonstrator Generator
  • AVI1210: Function Generator Demonstrator
  • AVI1211: FM Radio Receiver Demonstrator
  • AVI1212: Telephone Trainer
  • AVI1213: AM Radio Receiver Demonstrator (Two Band)
  • AVI1214: UPS Trainer
  • AVI1215: Video Cassette Recorder Demonstrator
  • AVI1216: Camcorder Demonstrator
  • AVI1220: ECG cum Heart Beat Monitor Trainer
  • AVI1250: Pattern Generator (For TV)

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