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Electronics Lab Training Modules (AVI-2142)

We design electronics lab training modules which has specialized features. They are taught by professionals who have been in this field. These modules have been designed only under the guidance of experts who have the know how about the complete preparation process as well as the functioning of the product.
Lab Training Modules Characteristics & Applications
  • AVI 521: Diode Valve Characteristics
  • AVI 522: Triode Valve Characteristics
  • AVI 523: Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics
  • AVI 524: Ionization Potential of Mercury
  • AVI 525: IGBT Characteristics & Application
  • AVI 526: Plank's Constant Apparatus
  • AVI 527: Photo Cell Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI 528: Work Function of Diode (Richardson Law)
  • AVI 529: Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI 530: Transistor Designer Kit (Discrete Components Trainer)
  • AVI 532D: H' Parameter of PNP Transistor
  • AVI533D: Transistor Characteristics
  • AVI534D: SCR Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI535D: FET Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI536: Microphone and Loudspeaker Characteristics
  • AVI537: Tunnel Diode Characteristics
  • AVI539D: PN Junction Diode Characteristics
  • AVI542D: Voltage Stabilization Characteristics
  • AVI542RFD: Zener Diode V-l Characteristics
  • AVI543D: PN/ Zener Diode/ LED Characteristics
  • AVI544D: Energy Band Gap Apparatus
  • AVI545: Energy Band Gap by Four Probe Method
  • AVI546D: Thermistor Characteristics
  • AVI547BD: UJT Characteristics Apparatus & UJT as Relaxation Oscillator
  • AVI548D: Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI550: Characteristics & Application of Basic Thyristors (SCR, Diac, Traic, UJT)
  • AVI550A: Characteristics & Application of Semiconductors & Thyristors (SCR, Daic, Traic, UJT, Mosfet, FET,
    BJT, Diode & Zener)
  • AVI551D: Diac Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI552D: Triac Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI553: Opto Coupler Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI554D: LDR Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI556D: LED Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI557D: Opto Electronic Devices Characteristics (LED, LDR, Photo Transistor & Photo Diode)
  • AVI558D: Photodiode Characteristics Apparatus
Theorems Verification
  • AVI590D: Network Theorems (Superposition, Norton's, Thevinin's, Maximum Power Transfer)
  • AVI592D: Superposition Theorem
  • AVI593D: Norton's Theorem
  • AVI594D: Thevinin's Theorem
  • AVI594BD: Norton's & Thevinin's Theorem
  • AVI595D Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  • AVI596D: Reciprocity Theorem
  • AVI597D: Tellegan's Theorem
  • AVI598D: Millman's Theorem
Operational Amplifier
  • AVI625: Operational Amplifier as Inverting, Non-Inverting, Summing & Difference Amplifier with one Digital Voltmeter
  • AVI626: Operational Amplifier as Inverting, Non-Inverting, Unity Gain Amplifier & Frequency Response with Analog Voltmeter
  • AVI627: Applications of Operational Amplifiers(Discrete Component Trainer)
  • AVI627B: Characteristics of Operational Amplifier (Discrete Component Trainer
  • AVI629: Operational Amplifier as Summing, Scaling, Averaging, Window Detector & Zero Crossing Detector
  • AVI631: Operational Amplifier as Differentiator & Integrator
  • AVI633: Operational Amplifier as Schmitt Trigger
  • AVI634: Linear Wave Shaping Circuits (Study of Clipping, Clamping, Integrator, Differentiator)
  • AVI638: Operational Amplifier as Voltage Comparator
  • AVI639: Operational Amplifier as Differential Amplifier
  • AVI640: Operational Amplifier as V-l & I-V Converter
  • AVI641: Feedback Amplifier Series & Shunt Voltage
  • AVI644: Operational Amplifier as Voltage & Current
  • AVI645: Operational Amplifier as Instrumentation Amplifier
  • AVI646: Operational Amplifier as Logarithmic Amplifier
Electronic Multivibrator & Oscillator
  • AVI650: Application of IC 555
  • AVI656: Bistable Multivibrator using Transistors
  • AVI657: Monostable & Free running Multivibrator using Transistors
  • AVI659: F-V & V-F Converter using IC 337
  • AVI660: Oscillators Circuits (Hartley, Colpitt, Wein Bridge, Relaxation, Clap, Tuned, Crystal and RC Phase Shift Oscillator)
  • AVI661: Hartley Oscillator
  • AVI662: Colpitt Oscillator
  • AVI664: Phase Shift Oscillator
  • AVI665: Wein Bridge Oscillator using Operational Amplifier IC 741
  • AVI666: Relaxation Oscillator using UJT
  • AVI667: Tuned Collector Oscillator
  • AVI668: Crystal Oscillator
  • AVI669: Voltage Controlled Oscillator using PLL 565
Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules
  • AVI675: Logic Gates using Six TTL IC's (6 in 1)
  • AVI678: RTL Logic Gates (5 in 1)
  • AVI679: Basic Logic Gate using Discrete Components (7 in 1)
  • AVI690: Digital Logic Trainer (Logic Gates, Booleon Identities a. Demorgan's
  • AVI692: Verification of truth tables of Logic Gates using Universal Gates
  • AVI693: Circuit Designer Board
  • AVI694: Logic Gate Circuit Trainer
  • AVI695: Pulse/ Clock Generator using NAND Gate
  • AVI665: Wein Bridge Oscillator using Operational Amplifier IC 741
  • AVI699: 4 Bit Adder & Subtractor Circuits using IC 7483
  • AVI701: Digital Full Adders & Subtractors using NAND Gates
  • AVI702: Flip Flops using NAND Gates & TTL IC's
  • AVI712: 4 Bit Counters (Synchronous & Asynchronous)
  • AVI716: 4 BitShift Registers
  • AVI718: Encoder & Decoder Circuits
  • AVI720: 16 to 1 line Multiplexer & 1 to 16 Line Demultiplexer
  • AVI720A: 4/8 to 1 line Multiplexer
  • AVI720B: 4/8 to 1 line De-multiplexer
  • AVI722: RAM CircuitusingIC 7489
  • AVI723: Parity Generator/Checker
  • AVI731: 4/8 Bit Analog to Digital Converter
  • AVI732: 4/8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
  • AVI734: Transfer Characteristics of TTL and TTL Schmit Trigger Inverter
  • AVI737: TTL-CMOS, CMOS-TTL Interfacing
  • AVI738: Arithmatic/Logic Unit (ALU)
  • AVI739C: TTL IC Characteristics Apparatus
  • AVI739T: CMOS IC Characteristics Apparatus
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
  • AVI1300:8031 Micro controller Training Kit
  • AVI1302:8085 Microprocessor Training Kit
  • AVI1303: 8086 Microprocessor Training Kit
Interfacing Cards
  • AVI1320: ADC-0809 Interface
  • AVI1321: Dual DAC Interface
  • AVI1322: Logic Controller Interface
  • AVI1323: Elevator Simulator I-Face
  • AVI1324: IC Tester Interface
  • AVI1325: Display Interface
  • AVI1326: Stepper Motor Interface
  • AVI1328: Stepper Motor 0.25 kg-cm Torque
  • AVI1329: Power Supply for Stepper Motor of 0.25 kg cm Torque
  • AVI1330: Keyboard Interface
  • AVI1331: LCD Display Interface
  • AVI1332: Traffic Light Controller Card
  • AVI1333: Temperature Measurement card with Thermocouple
  • AVI1334: DC Motor Controller card with Motor & Power Supply
  • AVI1335: Relay & OPTO Coupler card
  • AVI1336: LED Display Matrix card
  • AVI1337: Thumb Wheel Switch Card
Study Cards
  • AVI1350: 8212 Memory Decoder card
  • AVI1351: 8251 or 8253 Study card
  • AVI1352: 8255 PPI Study card
  • AVI1353: 8257 DMA Study card
  • AVI1354: 8259 PIC Study card
  • AVI1355: 8279 Keyboard Display Controller Supply card
  • AVI1356: 8155 PPI with timer card
  • AVI1358: 6264 RAM Study card
  • AVI1359: 373 Latch Study card
Filter Circuits
  • AVI961: T' type Passive Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop filters
  • AVI966: M-Derived 'T' type Passive Low Pass & High Pass Filters
  • AVI971: "p" type Passive Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop filter
  • AVI983: Twin-T Active Notch Filter using Operational Amplifier
  • AVI984: Active filters using Operational Amplifier
  • AVI985: Transient Response of RLC Circuit with built-in Square Wave Oscillator
  • AVI986: Cascaded Two Port Network
  • AVI987: "T", "p" & "Bridge T" Type Attenuators
  • AVI988: RC, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Stop Filters

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