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Instrumentation & Control Lab Training Modules (AVI-2145)

This instrumentation and Control lab module is prepared by experts who have been in this field and have requisite knowledge regarding the module preparation. They know each and everything regarding the preparation of these modules and the factors which are essential and have to be included.
Instrumentation Lab Training Modules
  • AVI1050: Instrumentation Trainer Using Transducers
  • AVI1051: Strain Gauge Trainer Kit (with Cantilever Beam)
  • AVI1052: LVDT Trainer Kit
  • AVI1053: RTD Trainer Kit
  • AVI1054: Thermocouple Trainer Kit
  • AVI1056: Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric & Magnetic Sensor
  • AVI1056A: Speed Measurement Module using Photo
    Electric Sensor
  • AVI1056B: Speed Measurement Module using Magnetic
  • AVI1057: Inductive Pick Up
  • AVI1058: Capacitive Pick Up
  • AVI1059: Piezo Electric Transducer
  • AVI1060: Hall Effect Sensor
  • AVI1061: Pressure Measurement using Strain Gauge
  • AVI1062: Load Cell Trainer Kit
  • AVI1063: Temperature Sensors Kit
  • AVI1064: Study of Linear Potentiometer for Displacement Measurement
Control Lab Training Modules
  • AVI1100: PID Simulator
  • AVI1101: PID Controller Kit (Model Process)
  • AVI1102: PID Controller Kit (Microprocessor Based)
  • AVI1103: ON/OFF Temperature Controller (Indicator cum Controller)
  • AVI1104: AC Servo Speed Torque Characteristics Trainer
  • AVI1105: DC Servo Motor Speed Torque Characteristics Trainer
  • AVI1106: AC Position Control System Trainer
  • AVI1107: Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction
  • AVI1108: AC Servo Voltage Stabilizer as Servo mechanism
  • AVI1109: Stepper Motor Controller Trainer
  • AVI1110: DC Motor Speed Control Demonstration / Trainer
  • AVI1111: Study of AC & DC Servo Amplifiers
  • AVI1112: Potentiometer as Error Detector
  • AVI1113: Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair
  • AVI1114: Study of Compensation Network
  • AVI1115: Magnetic Amplifier
  • AVI1115A: Magnetic Amplifier(Series & Parallel Connection of Magnetic Amplifier)
  • AVI1115B: Magnetic Amplifier(Positive & Negative Feed Back)
  • AVI1116: DC Voltage Regulator as a Closed Loop System
  • AVI1119: Educational Analog Computer
  • AVI1120: Board Model for Actuating Element
  • AVI1121: Control Engineering Tutor
  • AVI1122: Light Intensity Control
  • AVI1123: Digital Control System
  • AVI1125: PLC Trainer Demonstration Unit
  • AVI1125A: Simple Resistance Welding
  • AVI1125B: Repeat Resistance Welding
  • AVI1125C: Simple (Event) Counter
  • AVI1125D: Star - Delta Starter >AVI1125E: Pick and Place Application
  • AVI1125F: Annunciator
  • AVI1126: Linear System Simulator
  • AVI1127: Study of First & Second Order Control System Trainer

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