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Power Electronics Lab Training Modules (AVI-2143)

We design power electronics lab training modules which make the process handling accurate and prompt. These lab training modules are preapred keeping in mind the concept of energy consumption. This training module provides a fully furnished lab for experiments.
Lab Training Modules
  • AVI791: Light Intensity control using SCR & Triac
  • AVI792: SCR Firing Circuits
  • AVI793: SCR Commutation Techniques
  • AVI794: Phase control using Triac
  • AVI795: Switching Action of a BJT
  • AVI795A: Switching Action of a FET
  • AVI796: Thyristor Firing Circuit Kit (UJT Controlled SCR Time Delay)
  • AVI798: Step up Chopper
  • AVI799: SCR Single Phase Half Wave, Full Wave, Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier / Converter
  • AVI800: DC Motor Control using SCR's (with tachometer)
  • AVI801: Three Phase Half Controlled Bridge Converter
  • AVI802: Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter
  • AVI803: Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller
  • AVI804: Single Phase Cycloconverter
  • AVI805: Chopper Motor Controller with Motor
  • AVI806: SMPS Trainer Kit
  • AVI807: Jone's Chopper
  • AVI808: Morgan's Chopper
  • AVI809: Series Inverter using SCR's
  • AVI810: Parallel Inverter using SCR's
  • AVI811: Universal AC/DC Motor Controller
  • AVI812: Single Phase Inverter (using power mosfet
  • AVI813: Chopper Circuit (using power mosfet with Motor)
  • AVI814: DC Drive Trainer
  • AVI 815:Single Phase Half Controlled DC Drive
Electrical Lab Training Modules & Equipment Bridges
  • AVI2200: Anderson Bridge
  • AVI2201: Schering Bridge
  • AVI2202: Kelvin Bridge (Industrial)
  • AVI2203: Kelvin Bridge (Student)
  • AVI2204: Maxwell Inductance Bridge
  • AVI2205: Weins Bridge (Capacity Measurement)
  • AVI2206: Weins Bridge (Frequency Measurement)
  • AVI2207: Wheatstone Bridge (Portable)
  • AVI2208: Desauty Bridge
  • AVI2209: Hay's Bridge
  • AVI2210: Carry Foster Slide Wire Bridge
  • AVI2211: Kolhrausch Conductivity Bridge
  • AVI2212: Religh Bridge
  • AVI 2214: Owen's Bridge
  • AVI 2215: Platinum Bridge
  • AVI 2216: Direct Reading Resistance Bridge
  • AVI 2217: Callender & Griffith's Bridge
Optional Accessories for Electrical Bridge
  • AVI 2200A: Decade Capacitance Box with Sine Wave Oscillator & Inductance
  • AVI 2200B: Decade Inductance Box with Sine Wave Oscillator & Inductance
  • AVI 2200C: Decade Capacitance Box with Multirange Sine Wave Oscillator
  • AVI 2218: Conductivity Attachment & Connecting Lead 10Amps (for Kelvin Bridge)
  • AVI 2219: Head Phone
  • AVI 2220: Potentiometer Single wire with sunmica base & bakelite terminals
  • AVI 2221: Potentiometer Double wire with sunmica base & bakelite terminals
  • AVI 2222: Potentiometer Four wire with sunmica base & bakelite terminals
  • AVI 2223: Potentiometer Six wire with sunmica base & bakelite terminals
  • AVI 2224: Potentiometer Ten wire with sunmica base & bakelite terminals
  • AVI 2225: Junior Potentiometer
  • AVI 2226: Senior Potentiometer
  • AVI 2227: Senior Potentiometer(Improved Type)
  • AVI 2228: Crompton Potentiometer
  • AVI 2229: Slide Wire Precision Potentiometer
  • AVI 2230: Vernier Potentiometer
Isolation Transformers
  • AVI 2240: 1KVA/230VAC With Tappings at 50% & 86.6%
  • AVI 2241: 2KVA/230VAC With Tappings at 50% & 86.6%
  • AVI 2242: 3KVA/440 AC
Electrical Lab Training Modules & EQP Variable Auto Transformers (VARIAC),Loading Rheostats & Motors
  • AVI2321:Loading Rheostat 1 KW Single Phase in 5 Steps of 200 Watt
  • AVI2322: Loading Rheostat 2 KW Single Phase in 8 Steps of 250 Watt
  • AVI2323:Loading Rheostat 3 KW Three Phase(Each Phase of 1 KW)in 8 Steps
  • AVI2328: Resistive Lamp Load 1 KW
  • AVI 2329:Capacitive Load 200mfd Single Phase in 20 Steps
  • AVI 2330: Inductive Load 5Amp.Single Phase in 20 Steps
  • AVI 2335:Current Transformer ( CT 30/5Amp
  • AVI2336:Potential Transformer (PT 220/100V)
  • AVI 2350:Phase Shifting Arrangement
  • AVI 2360:Rheostat 10 ohms/10Amps
  • AVI 2362:Rheostat 300 ohms/2Amps
  • AVI 2363:Rheostat 100 ohms/5Amps
  • AVI2375:Induction Motor 2HP
  • AVI 2377:Synchronous Motor 3HP
  • AVI 2378:DC Shunt Motor 1HP
  • AVI 2379:Loading Arrangement for DC Shunt Motor 1HP
  • AVI 2390:Starter DC Motor 1HP (3 Point)
  • AVI2391:Starter DC Motor 1HP (4 Point)
Experimental Control Panel for Electrical Lab (Without Optional Accessories)
  • AVI 2400A: Measurement of Power in 3 Phase Circuit by Two & Three Wattmeter Methods
  • AVI 2400: Measurement of Power in 3 Phase Circuit by Two Wattmeter Methods
  • AVI 2401:Measurement of efficiency of Single Phase Transformer ( Direct Loading )
  • AVI 2402: Determination of Parameter & Losses in a Single Phase Transformer by OC & SC Test
  • AVI2403:Study of Single Phase Energy Meter
  • AVI2404: Earth Resistance by fall of Potential Method
  • AVI2405: Calibratin of Wattmetr by DC Potentiometer
  • AVI2406: Calibration of Voltmeter & Ammeter by DC Potentiometer
  • AVI2407: Single Phase Energy Meter with Phantom Loading
  • AVI2408: Starting & Reversing of DC Shunt Motor
  • AVI2409: Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor(By Voltage Control Method)
  • AVI2410: Sumpner's Test(Back to Back)Test on Single Phase Transformer
Electrical Lab Training Modules & EQP
  • AVI2411: Parallel Operation Single Phase Transformer
  • AVI2412: Voltage Relation Ship of Three Phase Transformer in Various Connections
  • AVI 2413: Speed Control of D.C.Shunt Motor (By Armature and Field Current Control Method)
  • AVI2415: Load Test of DC Shunt Motor
  • AVI2417: Different Type of Contactor Control Circuit
  • AVI2418:Angular Displacement Measurement of Synchronous Motor
  • AVI 2422: Measurement of Power & Power factor in Single Phase Circuit
  • AVI2423: Measurement of Power in 3 Phase Circuit by Ct,PT & 3 Phase Wattmeter
  • AVI 2430: To Connect, Start & Reverse the direction of Rotation of a 3 Phase Induction Motor (Complete Setup)
  • AVI2431: To Perform the block Rotar Test of 3 Phase Induction Motor (Complete Setup)
  • AVI2450: Electrical Machine Trainer (Complete Setup)

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