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Submarine Electrophoresis Unit, Mini

Submarine Electrophoresis Unit, Mini

These are also called Horizontal Electro-phoresis Unit/Agrose Gel/Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (Mini Size)

The unit is jointless, moulded of transparent polycarbonate to avoid leakage.

The unit includes buffer chamber, safety lid with cables. Two combs i.e one 1.5mm thick with 7 or 8 wells comb and other 1.5mm thick with 15 wells comb.

Also supplied with two casting Trays made of Polycarbonate

Size in 7 x 7 cm. (Approx). and Size in 10 x 7 cm. (Approx)

Spares at Extra Cost:

  • Casting Tray size 10 x 7cm
  • Casting Tray size 7 x 7cm
  • 1.5mm thick with 7 or 8 wells comb. (Set of 5 Pcs)
  • 1.5mm thick with 15 wells comb (Set of 5 Pcs)
  • Electrode Set

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